Neue Mobility on the OstWest Str. in Hamburg, Germany

In 2019 the OstWestMove was a public demonstration for a change in mobility. It happened on the central Ludwig Erhard Strasse for one hour, by blocking the traffic officially with a march for a betterment of the traffic and the traffic policy. The participants (> 1000 citizens) could pick an umbrella in a color that stands for the preferred choice of vehicle on the road. Green for bicycles, blue for a pedestrianization, red for alternative cars, yellow for public transportation, orange for public transportation and with the white umbrella they picked something not categorized so far, the Wild Card..
In the next step the participants could enter their slogan onto the QR Tag on the Umrella (with a special Web App) and so the claim was readeable by scanning the QR Code. On top of that it was entered into an anonymous data base and was collected and safed.
The Digital Demonstration was at the same time a statement to the Government of Hamburg (Hamburg is a city and also a federal State in Germany), to call for more activity in the important area of traffic engineering and public transportation in general. These kind of activities are important to show the comitment and support for a change in mobility as it is critical for the Climate and the World. If that sounds pompous please connect the dots...

1. Umbrella choice and entering of Claims

The Choice of Umbrella Color reflects the preferred vehicle on the Streets.

2. The Walk


Walking along the blocked road with the Umbrella of Choice becomes an Active Call for a Change in Mobility.

The wishes and requests for a new transportation policy connected to the Umbrellas could be viewed by activating the QR Tag. By being 'on' the Umbrella (not the user) anonymity could be maintained (data security).


AI for Traffic Count before the Walk

Using AI to analyze the Traffic / Car count 2 weeks before the actual event (same day, time and location) helped to provide a vision of less traffic by using your feet instead of a car. (Big thanks you to DataFromSky for the analysis!).




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