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Classes, courses and lectures.
The goal is to combine design knowledge with meaningful assignments: Urban Mobility is a mix of a new way of getting from A to B and an understanding of the needs and dreams of the involved public. Motion design has morphed into mobility design.

FH Joanneum Graz, Information Design | Online Motion Design Workshop | Nov 2017

The assignment of this intense workshop was to develop Motion Design Elements for the BMVI 200 years of Bicycle landing page. Not only did the need to be animated and joyful, they also needed to be specially adapted to the different kind of users in regards to their device.
The different responsive viewports did not only take into account that the screen real estate is different, but also the different user habits. A mobile animation for example not only needed to be shorter, but also had to be restricted in elements to work more fluent in the moblile space. Even the storylines needed to be adapted, a tablet user might have more time to read more and explore.

HCU (Hafencity Universität Hamburg) | Digital Urbanism | Seminar 2017 / 2018

Under the assumption that AV (Self driving cars) will reduce the need for Parking Places, this seminar was following the question of what to do with the newly regained public space. The students of the HCU are from different branches of the Urban and Architecture discipline, they have different skills for presenting and 'polishing' their presentations (yet the different points of view are a very positive source of englightment).
The results of the seminar were published on Google Street View, in 360° panoramas that were combined in a localized walkthrough. The fact that these presentations 'live' within the Street View environment, made it easy to share the visualized ideas with the public.
The fact that the HCU is located on the Hamburg Hafencity district whis is the future testground for the HOCHBAHN self driving bus service made them very interested and the joined the final presentation..

HAW Hamburg | Brand Design | Seminar

A basic seminar in Brand Design used for a contemporary assignment: To redesign and update an existing consumer brand. The class was asked to investigate and chose a known bicycle brand and give it a new form. Some ideas also went into a different direction, and made an existing brand (smart) into an adapted bicycle line (smart bikes).
Why stop with the logo / color / typography tryptichon? Some videos, stores, jingles and even embroided stickers came out of this exercise. (Even a new assistant designer for the studio came out of it! Hello Felix!!).

Designhoschule Schwerin (Vitruvius) | Motion Design | Seminar

The communication design department of the Designhochschule Schwerin (Vitruvius) took on an assignment to learn and practice their motion design capabilities: A video for Firstmover.hamburg that hightlights the benefits of replacing the personal car with the options of modern mobility. This video became part of a campaign for the Hamburg STEG and BMW. The hope was to gauge the public feeling about 'losing' public parking spots in defined areas to car sharing. A small class, but a big project, not only for them to finalize and present to the stakeholders, but also a meaningful information design exercise. Thanks to Eike Appeldorn for making this happen! Audio was recorded in the studios of the SAE.