Kickstarter Crowd Funding Campaign Video for Blip (the little Globetrotter).


Storkwerk 'Blip' Kickstarter Video and Making Of (Berlin 2014)
Storkwerk is a Berlin/Tokyo/Stockholm based company that is specialized in the design and development of high-end child and mother clothing for the urban working mom. For one of their initial products they needed a Kickstarter Video that explains the special features and raises money for the first production run. It was a big success!

The video is a mix of elements that are still and some video production. Most importantly the little actors needed to be kept in the right mood, and we feel they did a great job!! :)

Client: Storkwerk Berlin / Tokyo / Helsinki


Street One


Animatic of the Blip (later not used in the video..)


To wetten the appetite before the campaign we also shot a making of in Berlin that features more of the cast in other dressings and with accessories of the collection (also part of the cast famous Italian Photographer Guido Castagnoli).


SFR Interaction / Anna Kraft Olson / Fjord Berlin
Earlier works with Anna / Audio: Kei J. Tiffert / TLab / Switzerland