Tim Mälzer
Packaging of different Shows for Tim Mälzer on German ARD / Deutschland isst... mit Tim Mälzer


Deutschland isst... mit Tim Mälzer
Basically Infotainment/Documentary, the Show highlights special aspects of Food and Cooking that have a social component and also Preparation and Buying Tips. Health and Fitness are also important. The packaging of the Show primarily consistet of opener animation and classical elements, such as lower third and credits (speaker and end titles). The Design was also based on some influences of the German ARD look and feel, since the show aired on the I / O channel NDR.

'Jetzt gibts Gemüse'

This is a special Show that ran on the Website of 'Der Stern' (Stern.de), one of the prime German Magazines. It features recipes that are vegetarian, and is sponsored by a major I / O Health Insurance (AOK).

Cooking Show (a project by the talented students of HTK / www.htk-ak.de / Hamburg Design School)

Not a project for the German Cooking Star, but based on the experiences with him and his project.
The assignment was to come up with an innovative Cooking Show, to be aired on TV or Mobile / Tablets, with a unique them and packaging. Beyond the expected and yummie.
The Class Motion Design was one of the classes held at the HTK / BTK in the last 3 years...