Projects for the ARD, the first German Public TV Network and for regional channels that are the constituents.

NDR Radio (for Ian Thompson)
Logo Ending for different commercials for various Radio Shows of the NDR to be shown on TV and in Cinema. It was important to translate the character (based on the content of the show) from the Audio into the Visual. A long study of appropriate Imagery that serves as a template for the Life Action and also the animation of the logo and typography were the focus of this project.

  • NDR Njoy

  • NDR 2

  • NDR Kultur

NDR Ran An
Monothematic Show for the NDR, dealing with specific topics that help day-by-day with DIY Information and Services. The Pilot is dealing with Washing and Wash Salons... Important for the Design System was to describe a way how different topics (Washing, Shopping, Fashion etc.) could be delivered with a homogenous system. This was achieved by using graphical symbols on the plates that can be changed according to the content of the show (Graphic System).

  • NDR RanAn

  • NDR RanAn

  • NDR RanAn

Quivive Health Show (RBB)
Show Packaging for the Health Information Show on RBB (Berlin). Pitch with Velvet, Munich.
Logo and Logoanimation was recommended part. The logo is a play with a water drop, also a strong animation and symbol for health and nutrition. The typography is based on the house font of the RBB, the color scheme is also from the Brand Identity and adapted to the health content of the show.


Logo Animatic
The water drop falls and on impact reveals the Logotype. 4 seconds with Sound Logo.

The Opener is thematicly aligned with the content of the show (health, wellness and beauty), and uses the animation of the logo as a template for its elements. The drops REVEAL different images. LOGO

1,2 oder 3
A Show Redesign (for Velvet, Munich). Childs Play Show which is very famous on German Television with the famous host Michael Schanze. For me its also a good example of the 'Power of Design Boards', by comparison, the final Opener resembles perfectly the direction taken in the boards...

Design Board:


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