Funiji / T-Labs / Augmented Reality Smart Glasses

Funiji is the Product Name for a T-Labs Project.
A combination of Interface and Brand Development for a future technology
Smart Glasses (similar to Google Glass) in combination with Face Recognition
Customer Facing Brand and the interfaces of the application (on the Glass Screen and also Online Platform) were designed in multiple development waves.


The Logo has requirements that are based on the display technology and the audience expectiations of a new technology product and aesthetics of fashion (glasses). Also the team of developers in Berlin needed to feel represented in the identity (as long as it was a prototype at least..).


Brand and Interface Metaphoric are aligned, so that Icons (Loading Animation) and Visual Content played in a very aligned way..

Funiji was a great experiment and has clarified possible and impossible scenarios on multiple levels for the T-LABS and als for all involved developers. A functioning prototype that included Facebook based face recognition was developed.