| Campaign Branding (plus) | Velorouten Hamburg

This effort is more than a Brand Building campaign, it is actually a motivated attempt to gather the required 10 K signatures to force the initiators into the senat of Hamburg and be able to promote better and farther reaching bicycle lanes.. By attracting interested partners on social media and make them contributors on the website. The initiative got stopped when the new Government of Hamburg made the very same points to their new programme.. Too bad for the new born politicians, good for the city and the bike riders!
Still something came out of it for me (besides the stickers and t-shirts..), the URL was interesting for the managers of the velohamburg fair that was just launched, and we started a very interesting business relationship! | | +49 (0) 40 414 314 294
Martin Luther Str. 10 | 20459 Hamburg | Germany

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