First Mover Hamburg
Designhochschule Schwerin | STEG Hamburg | BMW DriveNow

The Motion Design that helped to promote the (better) sharing of Parking Space in Hamburg.


First Mover Hamburg | Designhochschule Schwerin | Motion Design | STEG Hamburg

A Motion Design project class at the Designhochschule Schwerin. Motion Design Project highlighting the benefits of Car Free Mobility to the inhabitants of the Ottensen and Eimsbüttel area in Hamburg (inner residential quarters). The goal of the initiative was to find out if the public is ready to give up personal cars, freeing the occupied parking area and allow the space to be used for Mobility Stations. The feedback was gathered in hour long interviews, and the outcome is an important resource for the providers of shared mobility (HOCHBAHN, BMW Drive Now) to learn about the public.
The motion design project needed to address all relevant arguments and paint a positive picture that could easily be followed, but of course it also needed to be honest, not to allow anybody to think that the public space now becomes a domain of another business (shared mobility). Hamburg is especially sensitive when it comes to commercial politics.
The students did an awesome job to translate all required messages into an attractive video, and also present it properly to all involved stakeholders, to master it to broadcast level, and to take care of the whole package including audio, speaker/text, character development, animation, and a lot more...

Design and Animation: Vanessa Kempfert, Nina Schöning, Dana Schmidt
Voice: Laura Reinhardt
Client: STEG Hamburg, Eike Appeldorn
Client / Client: BMW, Thiemo Schalk



FirstMover.Hamburg Project Website (not part of the design project)

FirstMoverAnim This project has taken a lot of work, way more than a 'normal' seminar would usually ask, but nobody was unhappy, all involved were led by the idea to be working on something important, something that could make a difference...