What happens with the public space currently occupied by parking cars, when the self driving cars of the (not so far) future will return it to the public?
The solutions and ideas needed to be presented in 360° in Google Street View (or in Facebook 360 VR) scenarios that allowd the audience to explore and share. A seminar at the HCU, the Architecture School in the Hamburg Hafencity district, the biggest building site in Europe, and also the future home of the first public selfdriving busses in Germany..
Some of the students are future Architects, others city planners or ingeneers or geomatic specialists. This is the reason the presentation requirements needed to be learneable quickly (360° photography, scene handling in google street view, etc.).

Winter 2017 | 2018 | DIGITAL URBANISM

The assignment for this second iteration included not only the development of ideas and solutions for the new space but also put some additional focus on the sharing and presenting of the outcome. The solutions where implemented (as 360° scenarios) in Google Street View. This way they can be shared with the public..

Presentation 01: Mervenur Türk, Nuno Amaro, Vitali Bosch
Outlink, a virtual space that allows to publish social media feeds in the reality. Aim is to help people get in touch with one another more easily, at a defined location, a location based social media experience.


Presentation 02: Felix Bunke, Maurice Bornholdt

How to bring the very important topic of circular economy / ecology to young and socially not affluent audiences: Virtual Media! This approach is located in Wilhelmsburg, an outer district of Hamburg, now the visualisations can be visited on the spot. 


Presentation 03: Hassibulah Assif, Nick Dimke, David Lüken, Lean Schmidt

This project is combining the fresh and active market experience with the benefits of highly customized offerings.
Every visitor has a different personalized market, but he is walking through it in companionship...

Spring / Summer 2017 | Augmented Urbanism

The first Seminar under the name Augmented Urbanism was more focused on using the freed space for more active purposes.. Bikelanes are a reoccuring element, maybe also because of the visit of the ADFC in the seminar.

Presentation 01


The Hotspot in front of the Main Train station allows to show different perspetives. United by 3 Velorouten it is an ideal spot for a Repair and gathering spot of bike urbanisti.

Presentation 02


Harburg is a district in the outer areas of Hamburg, with a high diversity of nationalities. The market in the center of Harburg has to reflect different points of view, and tries to find a shared ground.

Presentation 03

The space under the Hochbahn (the metro of Hamburg) is ideal for outdoor activities, since it is covered from the often wet climate. It is also very close to the center, and a mix of sports activities with lunch coffee and catering invites the working crowd to an alternative lunch brake.



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